Feather Letter

I am thrilled to introduce a very talented friend of mine, Hillary of Feather Letter. She just opened shop on Etsy sharing her passion for beautiful modern handwriting. Feather Letter's calligraphy is not only amazing, but perfect for the budget conscience bride. She offers sweet vintage style place cards in different styles. These vintage ready place cards, allow for endless creative possibilities. I love this idea because it really makes for a personalized wedding or event. Her services also include envelope addressing (inner and outer). To see more of her perfectly crafted calligraphy, visit her shop right here.


Chloe said...

Her writing is so beautiful :)


Sarah Esther said...

her writing IS beautiful! she should make her own font :) but i love her stationary...looking for some custom paper and I want to check out all that she has

Nestled in Rosenberg said...

Hi there, I love your blog! It's beautiful! I'm actually coming over from the June issue of Family Circle-saw an advertisement for Waverly.com, and then I saw you on their blogroll...I'm a new follower! Can't wait to see your future posts! :)