I Scream, You Scream

Welcome to our blog!

We are really excited to finally have a space to share our love of all things design. You will have the chance to get to know us, Jenn and Mary, founders of Ice Cream Social. Visit us often to see what we have been designing, what is inspiring us now, and what we are obsessed with (like ice cream). We want to share it all. So dig in, ice cream social style.


jimmy said...

I am impressed!!! this is great and your work is just getting more and more amazing. I can have my ice cream now without the calories!! nice job jen and mary........ jimmy xoxo

sarataxi said...

I'm diggin it Mary. I'll let all my "to be married" friends check out your stuff! Good luck to you gals.

J said...

it's ashame that i just found YOU! ice cream social! all the wedding invitation cards are sooooooooo lovely! keep it up. love your works!!

regards from malaysia!
jolin :)