Book of Love

A lot of love went into Mary's wedding invitation. It was a dream project for the both of us. The invite was all very handmade with the exception of the letterpress cards. The letterpress was printed by gilah press + design. As you can see they did a beautiful job. The front and back cover was wrapped in book cloth and stamped with a Gocco Press. The inside pages of the book were created with kraft paper. It was all packaged up in a muslin cloth envelope that was then mailed in a kraft paper envelope. It really was a true representation of Mary and Dave. It also conveyed the feeling of an outdoor vintage styled wedding to come. We must give a big thanks too all of our friends and Mary's sisters who tirelessly helped us glue and sew into the wee hours of the evening. Now, that is true friendship...Cheers!


Kate said...

Those are amazing! I would love to do something like that for my vow renewal. I love love love the book style!

Anonymous said...
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gwendolyn & matthew said...

oh my gosh how SUPER cute! wish i had found you earlier! darnit! you girls rock!